Welcome to Our Site-Continuum

Our Mission intends to offer a Continuum of care that applies after medical and personal wellness needs are in check. Besides good medicine and good habits, self-image cannot be overlooked. Quite apart from vanity, every professional person has to attend to the maintenance of his/her appearance in a competitive marketplace. Simple laser therapy and dermato-plastic cosmetics offer inexpensive and readily available options to reduce the unavoidable effects of sun-damage. We believe that, just as our patients have come to appreciate our uncompromising standards of medical care, aesthetics at IMPA Continuum can be no different.

Laser hair and vein removal, as well as facial skin tightening and pigmented lesion removal is simple physics. Using a brilliant, laser-generated light, we can induce a controlled trauma to the treatment area. Healing then include white blood cells inflammation, followed by the fibroblast cells laying down of new collagen. In the process, collagen deposition means hair gone, pigment erased, vein absorbed, wrinkle tightened. IMPA Continuum offers relatively painless procedures performed quickly, with hardly any down time. Our attention to Certified Aesthetic Practices and sterile technique make our product superior to any available salon scenario.

Injectable Clostridium Botullinum toxin (BOTOX) has spawned numerous medical applications. From excessive axillary sweating, to migraine headaches, torticollis, as well as chronic pain, BOTOX’s ability to partially and temporarily paralyze muscles in spasm has alleviated suffering in profound and ever-evolving ways. And it works for simple facial muscle wrinkles too! We can provide injections to our patients otherwise making an office visit for any healthcare needs. It’s quick, relatively painless, with no down time and very affordable, and it really works to getting you looking your best….. without much ado.