Leave Your Allergies in the Dust!

If you want to leave your allergies in the dust, call us today about an allergy program featuring immunotherapy.

There is a long-term allergy solution!
Immunotherapy desensitizes your body to these normally harmless environmental particles called antigens. Very small doses are introduced to your system via serum. As treatment progresses, the concentration of antigens in the serum increases so your immune system learns to ignore them, making you a much happier person during allergy season!

There are two types of immunotherapy: shots and sublingual (under the tongue) drops. Both are effective. Shots have been used in the U.S. for decades. They require you to visit an allergy specialist’s office up to twice a week for 3-5 years of injections. Each visit usually requires you to miss work or school, spend money on co-payments and gas and adjust your busy schedule. Fortunately, there is a better, easier, more convenient way to receive immunotherapy…

Easy and painless is the way to go!
Sublingual immunotherapy has been popular throughout the world for over 60 years. In the comfort of your home, you simply place a few drops of serum (the same serum used in allergy shots) under your tongue every day. You only need to visit your healthcare provider every 12 weeks for a refill and a quick follow-up. By your first follow-up, you’ll likely notice a marked improvement. Within a few months, you should realize a significant reduction in the need for allergy medications. And, in three years, if you’re like most patients, your environmental allergies will go into remission!

We perform the allergy test in our office which takes 15 minutes and you will have the results before you leave. Most insurance plans pay for the testing at 100% (patient responsible for co-pay, co-insurance & deductible if applied).

Call our office today to schedule an appointment at 602-258-5545.

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