Prevention and Early Detection of Catastrophic Illnesses


Al the Wallstreet Journal has extolled on two separate occasions in the past five years, “the key to aging well is in the hands of a good internist”. Their advice to aging seniors is: “find and get to know well a good internist”. The reason of course stems from our command of the “big picture”. For decades, Internal Medicine Physicians were called “generalists”. No one faces more constantly the challenge of integrating all organ system diseases into a holograph of understanding, in order to answer the hardest question of all: “Dr.,….why don’t I feel good??”

Routinely, we have patients bounced back to us from the care of specialists with the admonishment: “don’t know what he’s/she’s got…but it’s not their gut/heart/kidney/etc.” Thrust back into the diagnostic dilemma over and over, we’re the ones to re-visit, reassess and take definitive measures in order to make a definitive diagnosis (Greek; dia gnosis: to see through). We love the challenge; it’s why we’re here.

In specific terms, “working-up” a patient means methodically performing all the requirements of age-specific health care maintenance requirements. Screening for the early detection of deadly diseases makes our approach thorough and incisive. Doing it every day means we can get it done right, in short order and with just the right amount of diagnostic testing, imaging, and surveillance. The only disease states we can’t find are the ones patients haven’t been willing to let us look for.

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