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Our mission is to provide comprehensive, evidence-based, biomedical diagnoses and treatments to our patients. As well we intend to care for our patient’s mindful of transcendent values and the need to bring healing uniquely into the immeasurable dignity and worth of every human person.

As a primary care, internal medicine practice, we are Doctors and Provider for Adults. “Generalist” as we may be considered, bring the most important perspective of all physicians attending to a patient’s healthcare. We realize the need to put individuals into a context that includes not only a lab value or x-ray report, but the entire psychosocial history of each person. Our focus emphasizes a history of each person. Our focus of care demands a broad-based initial history and physical that discovers details and particulars about a person, even down to their ethnicity, place of origin or even what diseases a maternal grandfather might have contracted.

Using the #1, top-rated Electronic Medical Record available in 2010, (McKesson’s Practice Partner) at Internal Medicine Physicians Associates, P.C., our relationship to patients evolves, through therapeutic encounters, as we empower you to do whatever it takes to take the best care of yourself.

Working together is the key; we appreciate that patients must be their own advocates in navigating profit-driven healthcare. We work best with patients who are self-motivated and inspired in their efforts to get well and stay well. As far we we’re concerned, no one can pay us enough to answer the call of our healing vocation. But….. the privilege and exhilaration of transforming an individual’s life makes up the differences; it’s the greatest reward; it’s what makes us proud to be in private practice of Primary Care Internal Medicine.

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